7 Common Mistakes People Usually Make During Weight Loss

Despite making numerous efforts, not getting the pleasant results for weight reduction is quite disturbing.
The question comes that what is hurdle that is stopping you to get a physique of your dreams?
Here we are listing 7 Common mistakes people make when they start their weight loss regimen

1. Nothing can make you slim overnight 

Weight loss needs determination, focus, commitment and lot more. Weight loss pills and natural fat burner supplements are the primary approach of people for shedding unwanted calories. The reason behind this is busy and hectic life style so people don’t get the time for the workout. However, weight loss is a biological process that requires the changes in your life style and eating habits.

2. Don’t interpret low fat or fat free with fewer calories

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Weight loss strugglers always prefer low fat or fat free products. However, an important consideration is that such products do not signify fewer calories. So, next time don’t forget to check calories list while buying low fat or fat free products.

3. Calories check

A calorie shortfall is crucial for attaining the desirable weight loss results. It means that calories burn should be more than calories intake. However, for losing weight people eat only healthy things and assume that they don’t contain calories. However, healthy food items may be high in calories. In that case, the only solution is to restrict the large portions of meals.
It is believed that decline of 35,000 calories per week leads to 1 pound (.45 kg) fat reduction. However, calories dearth depends upon BMI (Boyd Mass Index) and may vary from person to person.
Too much calories are the biggest obstacle in losing weight. On the other hands, too few calories can be worthless as it may reduce metabolism and muscle mass.

4. Abandoning carbs is not good 

Carbohydrates are the major source of energy in body for performing the physical activity, brain functions and several other body activities. During past few years, low carbs diet has gained the popularity for weight loss however the results are impermanent.
The long-term restriction of carbohydrates can end up in serious health complications such as heart problems, osteoporosis, an increased risk of cancer, impairment of physical activity, lipid abnormalities etc.

5.  Don’t skip meals 

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Mostly people relate the one less meal with low calories consumption. But, skipping meals may just make you eat in bulk later in the day. Intake of big meals dumps a huge amount of fuel in body at one time beyond needs that eventually results in weight gain.
 It has been found that people who take proper breakfast are less prone to gain weight than those who skip meals.

6. Unrealistic weight loss goals

Weight loss depends upon several factors including current health, physical activity, eating habits, age etc. Setting practical weight-loss goals is one of the most important things for desirable weight loss.  It’s not important that losing 1 Kg per week is ideal for everyone.
Just be focused, follow a proper eating habit and appropriate lifestyle for hassle-free weight loss journey.

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  7.  Peeping on weight loss scale will not shed calories

Monitoring weight twice daily is not a good approach.  The number shown on scale depends upon on weight of undigested food and fluid retention in the body. For instance, if you are 57 kg in the morning, by evening your weight could be around 58.5.  Therefore, weekly monitoring is helpful to figure out that you are on right track.


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